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Name:Animated Gifs Journal
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:Posting and sharing your animated gifs.
This is the place to post your animated gifs, share the ones you've made, enhance your collection.


Lord Voldemort is going batshit over this community and so should you.

1. Post must animated gifs. Any post that is not should be related or a request or a certain one and must be labled and put under a cut
2. If you want credit for your gifs, make it implicit. But, this is the internet, people may not abide by your wishes.
3. Multiple gifs should be placed under a cut to protect reading lists.
4. NSFW stuff is welcome, just use a cut and label it as such.

Warning: This is a public community and posting your gifs does not mean that they will not be right click + saved and used elsewhere. Posting here means you acknowledge and agree to that particular possibility.

Any issues, contact [personal profile] inspector_gidget

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